Classroom Ideas

09 Apr 2019

Introducing Magnets (KS2 Science/English)

Overview: An investigation that allows children to understand the properties of magnetism and grouping materials by properties i.e. magnetic and non-magnetic. Resources: Bar magnet Paperclips Wooden blocks Paper / card objects Plastic objects Hoops Post it note Pens White boards & pens Aluminium cans Steel cans Programmes of Study: Science […]

10 Apr 2019

Magic Magnets (KS2 Science, Y3)

Overview: A short investigation to demonstrate that magnetic forces (fields) work from a distance and do not need physical contact. Resources: magnets Paper clip Thin card/paper Ruler Programmes of Study: Science Working scientifically Lower KS2 Make systematic and careful observations Forces and magnets – Year 3 notice that some forces […]

10 Apr 2019

Poles Apart (KS2 Science)

Overview:A short experiment to look at what magnetic poles are and how magnets attract and repel each other. Resources: Bar magnets HORSESHOE MAGNETS Button magnets Magnetic pole marbles Range of testing materials – wood, plastic, metal etc. Iron fillings Paper Image of the Earth showing North and South Pole Recording […]

27 Mar 2019

Building Spaghetti Bridges (Lowe...

Resources: Dry Spaghetti (thin wooden dowelling rods or straws) Marshmallows (playdough or modelling clay) Thin Cardboard (for extension) Small toy cars (for extension) Pens / pencils (for extension) Paper (for extension) Learning Outcomes: Science – Working Scientifically Asking relevant questions Making observations and measurements Reporting findings Design and Technology Evaluate […]

26 Mar 2019

Nature Walk

KS1 Science: Y1: Identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees Resources needed: A digital camera A clipboard or notebook and pen per child Illustrated books on plants and trees Explain to the children that you are going to find and name […]

26 Mar 2019

Year 1 Maths: Solving Problems

Y1 Maths: Solve 1 step addition and subtraction problems using concrete and pictorial representation. Resources needed: Plain white label type stickers Small items such as fruit, bricks and toys (enough for one per child) Using the stickers, give each item a value of 0 to 20 (depending on the ability […]

09 Aug 2018

KS2: Rainforests

  Resources needed: A3 copy of map of the world (one per pair) Blue/green pencil crayons Paper and pencils Picture of a rainforest   Give each pair of children a map and explain that they are going to locate where in the world rainforests are. Let the children firstly use […]

08 Aug 2018

KS1 Maths: Year 1 Halves and Qua...

Resources needed: Photo of a square cracker (top view) and a pizza (top view) Counters or bricks     Show the children the picture of the pizza and explain you are going to share it with a friend. What is important to remember (to share it equally) and how can […]

08 Aug 2018

KS1 Maths: Count in Twos, Fives ...

Activity: Counting accurately forwards and backwards using equipment Resources needed: Pasta Multilink cubes or counters     Sit the children in a circle and explain the rules of ‘Ping, Pong’ to them: they are going to count around the circle except when they say a number which is a multiple […]