Under the Sea is a popular topic for EYFS and KS1. These fun art and craft activities offer a great opportunity to get creative whilst learning about the ocean and the creatures that live in it. They can also be combined in a wall display or for a colourful background to an Under the Sea art themed area in the classroom. From handprint lobsters to octopus models, there is something to suit all ages. You can also visit our paper plate fish craft post for more ideas for your classroom display.

Jellyfish and octopus models


Octopus and Jellyfish Models

These lovely models are made using an upside down paper bowl (jellyfish) and cardboard tube (octopus) They are then decorates using pieces of torn up tissue paper and glue and pearlescent paint. They are then finished by sticking on eyes and finishing with ribbon and pipe cleaner tentacles and iridescent shreds.

Fish models

Egg Fish Models

These egg fish are made using polystyrene eggs with pieces of felt glued onto them. The felt is then gathered to create a tail and secured in place with a pipe cleaner. The models can be decorated by sticking on wiggly eyes, feathers, pieces of felt, ribbon and pipe cleaners.

Bubble wrap fish


Bubble Wrap Fish

This colourful and textured bubble wrap fish is created by cutting a piece of bubble wrap and sticking onto card before painting. Once the paint is dry, the fish can be finished by gluing on a wiggly eye, feather fins and an iridescent shred tail.

Paper plate crafts

Paper Plate Seabed Model

This lovely sea bed model is made using a paper plate. The seabed can be created by painting or even glueing on sand. Cardboard fish can be cut out and painted then stuck to pipe cleaners which have been pushed through a small hole in the plate and secure underneath with sticky tape. The seaweed for the sea bed is made from pipe cleaners, some of which have been twisted into spirals. These pipe cleaners are also pushed into a small hole and secure underneath.

Mermaid picture


Sparkly Mermaid Picture

Mermaids are a favourite mythical creature from under the sea. This sparkly collage of a mermaid is created using pipe cleaners, felt, tissue paper and irridescent shred.


Under the sea model

Seaweed Model

This seaweed model is  a colourful addition to a 3D Under the Sea display. It is simply made by painting an upturned bowl green and threading through green pipe cleaners.

Mermaid model

Mermaid Model

To make this mermaid model, wrap and stick a piece of crepe paper about half way down the tube leaving a long piece of crepe paper hanging from the end of the tube. Gather and fold the end of the crepe paper to look like a tail and  secure suing a pipe cleaner. A pink pipe cleaner can be shaped to look like hands at each end before sticking behind the tube with sticky tape. The mermaid is finished by adding squares of coloured paper for a bikini, a circle of card for a face and iridescent shred for hair.

Foot print lobster

Hand print crab

hand print fish


Hand and Feet Print Pictures

These fun hand and foot print pictures are a great addition to an Under the Sea display. They are easy to make using baby, toddler and pre school children’s hand prints.

Do you have any more ideas for Under the Sea art and craft activities?

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