outdoor phonics activities

The outdoor classroom is a great place for children to practice phonics skills with plenty of natural light, fresh air and space for moving around. Here are 5 fun outdoor activities to help engage children in literacy and learning.

Shoot the Baddies

We love this idea from Rock My Classroom for little superheroes. Tricky words were superimposed over pictures of baddies and stuck on the wall. The children have to shout out the word before shooting the baddie!

Find and Rhyme Game

This fun outdoor game from No Time for Flashcards involves children finding and throwing paper plate frisbees with rhyming words into hoops.

Noisy Letter Jump

This loud and active game featuring chalk letters  by Imagination Tree is really easy to set up and great for reception children to consolidate phoneme-grapheme correspondence.

Under the Sea Phonics

Our Under the Sea phonics activity combines literacy and water play and is best played in an outdoor area.

Sight Word Hopscotch

This post on Deceptively Educational has a great idea for learning site words by turning them into hopscotch using chalk on the playground.

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