This selection of ideas for festive hand and finger print pictures offers plenty of inspiration for some fun, original artwork during the festive period.


Hand-print Robin

For this Robin design, use brown ready mix paint to create a single hand-print. Once, dry, cut out the print, and stick it sideways onto a piece of dark paper. Next, to add the robin’s features, stick on: a wiggly eye, a triangle of yellow paper to form a beak, and a glitter glue red breast. To finish, add a lolly stick for the bird to stand on, and add some little feet using glitter markers.



Hand-print Reindeer Antlers

Using brown paint, make two hand-prints, one with each hand, and allow to dry. Cut out the prints, and stick them to a strip of paper. Next, you’ll need to stick the strip of paper to form a band to fit around the child’s head, and they’ll have their own, unique pair of antlers!



Hand Print Holly

Make two handprints in green paint, cut them out, and stick onto coloured paper to create the shape of holly. Finish off by adding small circles of red paper in the middle of the ‘leaves’ to represent berries.

Extension idea: Similar designs can be used to create individualised Christmas cards, perfect for practicing writing messages to friends & family.



Hand and Finger Print Reindeer

Create a variety of simple hand and finger printed Reindeer using brown ready mix paint. Pom-poms, glitter and red paper can all be used for a variety of noses, while wiggly eyes help to bring the reindeer to life. Finally, colouring pens can be used to add the finishing touch – the all important antlers.



Family of Snowmen

These snowman pictures can be created using a single upside down white hand-print on black paper. Once the paint is dry, add faces and buttons with black and orange pen, and top off with hats and scarves made from sticking on pieces of tissue and coloured paper and pom poms, or drawn on using glitter markers.



Multi-Print Christmas Tree

Create and draw around five green hand prints, then carefully cut them out. Stick the prints upside down onto a coloured paper of choice and draw a tree trunk with brown colouring pens. Now encourage the children to decorate their Christmas tree in all manner of ways. Our suggestions include sticking on pieces of ribbon, paper shapes, beads and pom poms, but the possibilities are endless!

Let us know if you’ll be doing any hand-print art this Christmas – do you have any more ideas to add?

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