handprint art ideas

Spring is definitely in the air and these spring inspired hand and finger print art ideas will be a popular choice with preschool children. Hand and finger printer not only gives them the chance to get messy and creative but also create something to take home for their parents. Out spring hand and finger prints could also be used to make lovely personal mother’s and father’s day cards.

Blossom Tree

fingerprint tree

The tree trunk for this picture can be made using either fingers or a paint brush dipped in brown paint. For the blossom, fingers can be dipped into pink paint and dotted onto the branches.

Finger Print Sheep

finger print sheep

The sheep’s body is simply made from fingers dipped into white paint and then pressed onto a dark coloured card. The head and legs are made by cutting shapes from black paper. Finally the pictures are finished by sticking on wiggly eyes.

Hand Print Flower

Handprint flower

Coloured hand prints are used for the petals of the flower and 2 green hand prints for the leaves. A circle of coloured paper can be used to create the centre of the flower. The petal and leaf hand prints should be cut out and glued onto the paper and finally a stem drawn on.

Finger Print Flowers

fingerprint flowers

Flowers can be created using fingers dipped in different colours of paint for the centres and petals. Once the paint is dry, stems and leaves can be drawn in using colouring pens.

Dandelion Clock

fingerprint dandelion

To create a Dandelion clock children can dip their fingers into white paint and press them onto a dark coloured paper in a circle shape. The stem can then be painted on using green paint.

Handprint Bouquet

handprint flower bouquet

Different colour flower hand prints can be cut out then glued onto a larger piece of paper. A vase shape can be decorated with cut out shapes and then glued onto the paper before drawing on the stems with colouring pens.

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