Paper plates are inexpensive and versatile to use for a range of craft activities. These fun paper plate fish crafts are easy to make and are great additions to an ocean themed classroom display or room.

paper plate fish

Pastel Coloured Glitter Fish

Pastel coloured paints and glitter glue was used to paint and decorate paper plates to create these shimmering fish. A wedge can be cut out of the plate to create a mouth and then glued back on the other side to make a tail.

paperpalte fish craft

Pipecleaner Fish

This eye catching fish is perfect for hanging in a window or as part of an under the sea display. It is made by cutting out the centre of paper plate before decorating with metallic paint and pipe cleaners. A head and fins were added using painted cardboard and a tail using folded crepe paper.

Paper plate fish

Mosaic Fish

This pretty fish was again made by cutting a mouth from the paper plate and adding a tail before painting. It was finished off by adding mosaic squares of paper.

Paper plate shark

Plate Shark

The sharks mouth was made from a paper plate folded in half and cut into teeth shapes around the edge. This was then glued onto another paper plate which was painted with grey metallic paint. Pieces of card were cut into the shape of fins and a tail and stuck on. Finally this under the sea craft was finished by sticking on some wiggly eyes.

Paper plate jellyfish

Paper Plate Jellyfish

This paper plate jellyfish was made by painting a paper plate before sticking on crepe paper strips, pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes. The face was drawn on using glitter glue.

bubble wrap print fish

Bubble Wrap Print

This fun fish was made using bubble wrap dipped in ready mix paint to create a textured effect on the paper plate.

clown fish

Clown Fish

This wonderfully colourful clownfish was made by copying the markings from a photograph before painting orange and yellow.

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