Easter crafts

Spring is definitely in the air making it a great time to get creative with some quick and easy Easter crafts. From Easter baskets to cute Easter chicks we have plenty of ideas to keep the children busy.

Easter card

Chick Easter Card

An oval shape of coloured paper forms the body of the chick with wiggly eyes, a beak and feather wings glued on. A spring can be created by folding pieces of paper to attach the chick to the card before adding an Easter message with colouring pens.

Easter crafts

Cardboard Tube Bunnies and Chicks

The body of the bunny or chick can be created by sticking together 3 cardboard tubes and covering them with the relevant coloured paper. Wiggly eyes, beaks and ears can then be added and features drawn on with colouring pens.

 Easter chicks

Egg Chicks

The body of the chick is made from a polystyrene egg with its narrowest part pointing downwards. The feet are cut from yellow card and stuck onto a body. Wiggly eyes, feathers and a beak are then glued onto the chick.

Easter chicks

Pompom chicks in a Nest

The nest is created by soaking yarn in glue before winding around a small blown up balloon. The glue will take at least a few days to dry but once it is, the balloon can be popped leaving the yarn nest. The nest can be filled with tissue paper or shredded paper before filling with pom pom chicks with wiggly eyes glued on.

Easter  baskets

Easter Baskets

These Easter baskets are made using paper cups. About 1/3 of the top of the cup is cut away before cutting vertical strips down into the cup. Pipe cleaners are wound together and then used to weave into the strips of the cup. Children will need to be careful as the ends of the pipe cleaners may be sharp. The tops of the strips are folded inwards and held in place by Cutting about ½ of the top off another paper cup away and put the bottom of the cup inside of the basket and pushing down.

Easter crafts basket

String Easter Basket

Blow up a balloon. String soaked in glue can be wrapped around half of the balloon before leaving to dry. Once the glue is dry, the balloon can be popped. The basket can then be filled with eggs.

Easter chick

Paper Plate Chick

The chicks face and body is made by painting a paper plate green. Feathers, beaks and wiggly eyes can be glued on or eye holes cut to create a chick mask which can either be secured with elastic or held using a lolly stick.

Easter picture

String and Chick Picture

The nest is created using a mixture of string and yarns glued to a piece of card. Bird cut outs can then be stuck above the nest and wiggly eyes added.

For more fun Easter crafts follow The Consortium Education’s board Celebrations on Pinterest.

Follow The Consortium Education’s board Celebrations on Pinterest.