Early years natural painting

This fun blackberry painting activity for early years and reception children can be a bit messy but it is lots of fun, especially when done outdoors in the autumn.

blackberry paint

It is super simple to set up. Some blackberries crushed using a pestle and mortar make a beautifully rich natural and edible purple paint.

blackberry paint - early years

The blackberries can be freshly picked, frozen or even  bought in a local super market. Children love collecting them, just make sure they don’t all get eaten on the way home!


Our helper couldn’t help having  a little taste of the delicious blackberry paint.

painting with natural paints

The paint can be painted onto paper using a paintbrush. It also makes great finger paint.

blackberry paint

We loved the different shades of purple that showed on the paper as the paint began to dry.

leaf printing

Leaves can also be covered in blackberry paint and then used to print onto paper. Mixing mud into the paint makes a really rich black paint, although it is no longer tastable!

messy play


The blackberry paint was a big it with our helper who turned the whole pot upside down to make sure that she had used every last bit of the paint.

If you would like to try out some other natural paints, there are some great ideas in the links below.

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Have you tried making natural paints? what are your favourite colours?

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