Bonfire night on the 5th November and is not just a great opportunity to learn about a uniquely British celebration celebration and the history behind it but also a good chance to get creative with some fun crafts.

Firework Pictures

Firework pictures

bonfire night pictures

Using black paper for the night sky, children can get creative by creating their own bonfire night scene using tissue paper, glitter glue and metallic markers. Our helpers used the tissue paper for the sky with black silhouettes and glitter glue and markers to draw fire works exploding in the sky.

Cardboard Tube Fireworks

bonfire night crafts

This fun firework model is super easy to make by covering a cardboard tube with coloured paper and decorating with glitter glue. Pipe cleaners can be twisted into spirals and decorated with beads before sticking inside.

Firework Rockets

Rocket a

These rockets are again made using cardboard tubes covered with coloured paper. A cone was made using a circle of paper for the end of the rocket and tissue paper and pipe cleaners were used to make the tail of the rocket.


sparklers craft

Children love sparklers for writing their names in the air. These fun sparklers offer a much safer alternative for the classroom and can be used by gluing foil shreds or any other sparkly material to lolly sticks. They can be used for a seasonal way to practice forming letters by writing them with sparklers.

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