This Box Pass drill is great for improving coordination, technique and performance.


  • Training ball
  • Cones

Programmes of Study:

Physical Education

To develop their technique and improve their performance in other competitive sports [for example, athletics and gymnastics]


  1. Set up a box shape using cones 3 metres square
  2. Place a cone 4 metres on the left and right of the box
  3. Split the pupils into groups of three
  4. One player starts inside the box (player 1) and the other two (player 2 & 3) stand by the cones on the left and right of the box
  5. Player 2 passes the ball to player 1 who receives and controls the ball.
  6. Player 1 then dribbles the ball out of the box and around a corner cone back into the centre of the box.
  7. Player 1 then passes the ball to player 3.
  8. Once the ball has been passed by player 1 they make a run around a different corner of the box and then return to the centre of the box ready to receive the ball again.
  9. Repeat the drill but with the pass coming from player 3.
  10. Repeat this drill for a minute and then swap places.


  • This activity could be made more difficult by reducing the size of the box. This reduces the area in which player one has to receive the ball and calls for closer control when dribbling and passing.
  • For further extension try limiting the touches it takes to control the ball from each player.
  • Set a time limit and increase the speed and see how many times they manage to get through the drill.

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