This game is great for developing hand-eye
co-ordination skills.


  • Coloured Hoops
  • Bean Bags
  • Team bands (optional)

Programmes of Study:

Physical Education KS1

Masters basic movements such as running, jumping, throwing and catching. It also helps develop balance, agility and co-ordination, so children can begin to apply these skills in to a range of activities

Steps:Use results to draw simple conclusions.

  • Create the “bubble board” with hoops by lining them up in a grid of alternating colours.
  • Split the children into two teams and assign them colours (team bands could be used for them to wear), and give them bean bags to match.
  • The children then stand on the outside of the grid and have to throw their bean bags into the bubbles to burst them. They can only burst bubbles that are their team colours.
  • Once all of their bubbles are burst the children sit down to show that they are finished.

Extension Ideas:

  • You can increase the skill level by making the children stand further away from the grid, this will help develop accuracy.
  • You can also make it harder by making the bubbles need more than one bean bag in them to burst them.

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