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13 Sep 2019

The Good Fight with Tom Brooker ...

Meet Tom, also known as Mr Brooker to his pupils. Over the next few months he’s going to be writing blogs on anything and everything to help you with your education journey.

08 Aug 2018

KS2 French: Greetings and Saying...

    Resources needed: Flash cards saying ‘bonjour’ and ‘au revoir’ and ‘Comment t’appelles-tu?   Have the children seated on the carpet or altogether in an area. Leave the room, calling ‘Au revoir!’ as you do so. Re-enter the room, calling ‘Bonjour!’ Do this a couple of times (use a […]

07 Aug 2018

KS2 French - Counting to 10

  Resources: Number lines for each child, paper and pencils, Smartboard or laptop Greet the whole class with: ‘Bonjour!’ or ‘Salut!’ and encourage them to respond. Look at ‘Une Chanson des Chiffres’ (A Number Song) at: Watch through once and then again, encouraging the children to join in if […]