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03 Aug 2018

How To Make A Drawing Robot

How to make a Drawing Robot       Drawing Robots use small electric motors to move. The motor is powered by a battery and spins if the circuit is complete. To make a drawing robot move you just need to add something to the end of the motor which […]

05 Aug 2015

10 Times Tables Games Apps for I...

Times tables can be boring and troublesome to learn but what child doesn’t love playing on an Ipad? These times tables games apps for Ipads (some are also available for other devices) add a whole new element of fun to learning times tables by helping children through repetition, fast recall […]

10 Apr 2015

8 Free Online Coding Resources f...

Technology is now a key part of our lives with computers, tablets and smart phones becoming vital to so many aspects of work and home life. Recent changes to the new national curriculum reflect these technological changes by aiming to give children the understanding, knowledge and skills to make the […]