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14 Jul 2016

EYFS Maths with a Space Theme

Looking for EYFS maths ideas for your space topic? How about making a small world area with the focus on mathematical problem solving? To complete this EYFS maths activity you will need: Tuff tray, table or other suitable surface. This could be covered in foil or fabric. Sand Stones (moon […]

12 Feb 2021

Catch-Up in Maths - 5 Considerat...

When schools finally reopen to everyone, the focus will be all about enabling children to catch-up. There are implications for every part of the curriculum, but of course the core subjects will be top of the agenda. Here are 5 talking points related to mathematics. 1. “The hurrier I go, […]

04 Oct 2019

The Good Fight - Square of the �...

Discussion covering the benefits of a broader, wider curriculum approach. What can we get from it and how might it benefit teaching and learning?

18 Jun 2019

Smarties Tally Charts (EYFS / Y1...

This Smarties Tally Chart classroom idea is a fun way for EYFS and KS1 children to learn their numbers and place value. Resources: 1 box or tube of Smarties per child (Jelly beans or other suitable alternative) Tally charts (one row per colour) Pencils Colour pencils   Learning Outcomes: Mathematics […]

20 May 2019

Place Value Buddies (KS1/KS2 Mat...

Overview:A whole class activity to consolidate understanding of place value. Resources Cards with the correct number of digits (2, 3 or 4) – large enough for display Card with the individual partitioned elements of the numbers for display – for individual pupils. Learning Outcomes – Number and Place Value Year […]

03 May 2019

Sticking to a budget - Money Pro...

Resources: Coins and notes in various denominations Workbooks or other recording method List of daily expenses (Food, fuel, clothes, travel etc.) Learning Outcomes: Mathematics Year 3 Measurement Add and subtract amounts of money to give change, using both pounds and pence signs in practical contexts Year 4 Measurement Estimate, compare […]

26 Mar 2019

Year 1 Maths: Solving Problems

Y1 Maths: Solve 1 step addition and subtraction problems using concrete and pictorial representation. Resources needed: Plain white label type stickers Small items such as fruit, bricks and toys (enough for one per child) Using the stickers, give each item a value of 0 to 20 (depending on the ability […]

08 Aug 2018

KS1 Maths: Year 1 Halves and Qua...

Resources needed: Photo of a square cracker (top view) and a pizza (top view) Counters or bricks     Show the children the picture of the pizza and explain you are going to share it with a friend. What is important to remember (to share it equally) and how can […]

08 Aug 2018

KS1 Maths: Year 1 Counting

  Activity: Counting accurately, preservation of number Resources needed: Multilink cubes   Show the children a group of about 25 or 26 multilink cubes and ask for some estimates of the number. Remind children that estimating is a sensible guess. Discuss some of the estimates and arrive at a consensus. […]

08 Aug 2018

Visualising 'Squared' and 'Cubed...

Resources needed: Large amount of multilink cubes Whiteboards and pens   Give the children 9 multilink cubes each, or per pair if they are in short supply. Ask the children to make any arrangement of cubes they like, providing they use all the 9 cubes available. When everyone has completed […]