This festive mark making activity is a fun sensory exercise which also helps to boost literacy skills. This is a versatile activity which is quick and easy to set up and offers loads of opportunity to discover new and exciting play activities.


First, you’ll need to make up the insta-snow as shown in the pack instructions. Placing the snow in the freezer for a short time before use will help to make the snow even more realistic and add another layer of sensory experience. Glitter can also help to add an extra little sparkle to your tray.

Using either a finger or a stick, children can practice writing numbers and letters, with the large tray offering easily enough room for basic word creation. Prompts, such as words to copy can also be placed next to the tray.


Any number of toys & props such as the emergency cars we used can be used to play a variety of snow-related games, while miniature tools can be added to facilitate creative play & the practicing of fine motor skills.

If you want to re-use the insta-snow another time, simply add a little extra water as required and it will remain as fun and versatile as ever.