EYFS sensory tray - festive

Sensory play is not only a fun activity for preschool children but is also a great learning opportunity. This festive tray will help children to learn about Christmas, develop language and develop their fine motor skills.

Christmas sensory tray

A variety of items with different colours, textures and smells can be placed in a plastic tray.

pine cone Christmas trees

Pine cones are fun to play with and can be decorated with pom poms and ribbons for a fun way to practise fine motor skills.

sensory tube

A sensory tube can also be filled with Christmas items including glitter, pom poms and ribbon. This is a good way to introduce younger children or babies to sensory play.

festive sensory tray 3a

Some bowls, scoops and tweezers can be added for scooping the items.

Additional Christmas activity ideas:

  • The tweezers and scoops can be used to sort sensory tray items into bowls according to their colours.
  • Children can create prints using pine cones rolled in paint and pom poms held with tweezers and dipped in paint.
  • A festive small world can be created by adding a some small toys or dolls.

Will you be making Christmas sensory trays? What will you be adding?

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