Christmas Advent Display
This fun advent display gives the whole class a chance to get involved in making their classroom look festive as well as opening the stars to reveal pictures in the lead up to Christmas.

To create the display

Christmas advent display

1. Cover your display area with display paper. We’ve used a Winter Time design by Fadeless® to create a snowy scene. Use border roll to complete the background.

Christmas classroom display

2. Class activity: create a handprint Christmas tree by encouraging all the children in the class to make a hand print with green paint, before adding a tree trunk of your choice. Explore the colour wheel and make the tree more vibrant with each child mixing their own shade of green paint.

advent display

3.  Class activity: Make advent stars to decorate the tree. Insert an image behind each star. We’ve used a mixture of photos and hand-drawn Christmas motifs.

display 3a

4. Class activity: Investigate how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Include each country’s flag with a Christmas message.

What festive displays will you be creating for your school this year? For more Christmas activity ideas visit our Christmas page or follow us on Pinterest.
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