With the spookiest season just around the corner, get your students in the spirit with this affordable 4 step Paper Mache Skull craft idea.

Whether they want to make it the scariest or the prettiest skull they’ve ever seen, it’s quick and easy to do and suitable for all ages in Primary.

What you’ll need:

Create a Spooktacular Skull for Halloween.

Step 1. Use black paint to paint the inside of the Paper Maché Skull.

Step 2. Cover the skull in PVA glue and stick down your gems/sequins.

Step 3. Sprinkle Sparkle Sand (LOTS of it!) over the skull then shake off the excess.

Step 4. Leave to dry.

Create a Spooktacular Skull for Halloween.
Finished Paper Maché Skull.

We used Sparkle Sand on this activity as it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic glitter. It can be used in a wide range of applications and is a great resource to help support a child’s development.

You don’t have to use the above materials, you can decorate the skull with paints, collage bits, crayons and so much more (basically anything in your art & craft cupboard).

Crafts in the classroom can also get very messy, especially when glitter is involved! Luckily we have plenty of affordable resources that’ll help with the clean-up too. Discover more here.