Diwali is a 5 day Hindu festival that is also known as ‘The Festival of Lights’. It takes place between the 30th October – 3rd November 2016.

Here, we have created some simple arts & craft ideas that are inspired from the colourful festival, only using a few basic materials! Not only are these crafts enjoyable to do, but they also encourage children learn about a different culture, and give them an insight into how other religions celebrate very special occasions and traditions.


  1. Print out or draw a rangoli inspired design
  2. Fill inside the lines with glue then cover with coloured sand
  3. Once dried, shake off the excess sand
  4. Apply glue along the outlines of the image and apply glitter to the lines
  5. Shake off again once dry!

RangoliFlowercut out


Diwali Felt Card

  1. Glue a paper greetings card to the inside of an A4 sized sheet of felt
  2. Once dried, cut out the shapes of a flame in a different coloured felt to glue on the front
  3. Add a few acrylic gemstones to give it a bit of sparkle!



Diwali Hand Dish

  1. Trace around the child’s hand onto Air Hardening clay, then carfeully cut out the shape
  2. Find little ‘tools’ around you that you can use to decorate the clay with a pattern, e.g the bottom of a pencil
  3. Once decorated, carefully bend the clay to create a shallow dish shape
  4. When the clay has dried, paint with any colour desired!



Candle Holder

  1. Using Air Hardening clay create a shape that you’ll use for the base of your candle holder
  2. Cut a tealight sized hole in the centre of the shape to place the light in once finished
  3. When the clay has dried paint with any bright colour and sprinkle a bit of glitter on there whilst the paint is still wet, then wait for it to dry again.


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