Put your pens down, start speaking and listening!

Did you know it’s No Pens Day Wednesday on the 13th November? No Pens Day Wednesday encourages schools and settings to put down their pens and run a day of speaking and listening activities. It runs in partnership with a children’s communication charity called ‘I CAN’.

The event started in 2011 and a total of 7,000 schools and settings are now taking part in putting down their pens for the day.

According to The Communication Trust:

•80% of respondents said that taking part in No Pens Day Wednesday raised their awareness of speech, language and communication needs.

•96% said they’d do things differently around school as a result of their involvement.

•19% of respondents they had identified pupils who were struggling with spoken language that they’d not known about before.

To find out more about the fantastic impact the day has had on schools and settings, head over to The Communication Trusts site here.

We’ll be supporting this great cause, so make sure you look out for ideas on how to promote speaking and listening activities in your classroom across our social media channels: