Our quick and easy crafts for Halloween have been picked to perfectly fill an afternoon with activity. From bats and pumpkins to masks and monsters, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Halloween spiders

Roll pipe cleaners into a ball (around 4 pipe cleaners) and shape to look like a spider before gluing on wiggly eyes.

Conker Monsters

Conker Monsters

Stick wiggly eyes onto conkers then wrap around pipe cleaners to make spiders. Try sticking on wing shapes cut from black paper to create a bat.

Extension idea: children can also invent their own monsters using wiggly eyes and modelling dough.

Fist Print Pumpkins

hand prints Halloween

Children can print pumpkin shapes by pressing their fists into orange paint then onto paper. Once paint is dry stick on shapes cut from black paper for eyes and mouths and draw on green stems.

Silhouette Halloween Pictures

silhouette halloween pictures

Create a colourful sky background using strips of tissue paper glued onto a sheet of paper. Cut out roof top shapes and Halloween silhouettes from black paper and stick these over the top. For a little added fun add wiggly eyes to witches and bats.

Extension idea: children can also create sky backgrounds using pastels, poster paint or watercolour paints.

Pipe Cleaner and String Spiders Webs

string spiders web

Twist a bunch of pipe cleaners at the end and fan out to create a spider’s web shape. Weave string around pipe cleaners to create a spider’s web. Tie string at the beginning and end, leaving a piece of string to hang the spider’s web up with.

Day of the Dead Masks

Day of the dead masks

Draw designs on using pencil, then colour with fibre tip pens. Tissue paper can be scrunched to create flowers and glued around the head.

Extension idea: children can research Day of the Dead designs online and use them as inspiration for creating their own mask designs.

Cardboard Tube Bats

halloween bat craft

Cut a piece of black paper to the right size to wrap around a cardboard tube, with two small triangles for ears. Glue the black paper to the tube and stick on wiggly eyes and white triangles as fangs. Cut a bat wing shape from black paper and stick the tube on top to finish.

To make these art and craft projects, you will need:

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