For our first activity, we’ll be making festive windows. For this, you’ll need some black sugar paper, assorted tissue paper, scissors and glue.

Step 1

Take a piece of sugar paper and fold one corner of the paper to the other. Once they’re aligned, make a fold and cut the paper to leave yourself with a triangle. Fold the paper twice more to create a smaller triangle and then open it up. You should now have a square of paper divided into eight symmetrical segments.

Step 2

Fold your paper back up, then take a pencil and sketch out the different shapes you’d like your students to cut out. Triangles and crescents work best, but feel free to use your imagination. Next, ask your students to carefully cut out the shapes and unfold the paper. They should each now have a beautiful symmetrical design to work from.

Step 3

Now the fun really begins. To complete your festive windows, get your students to break out the tissue paper and carefully cut it or tear it into smaller pieces. Ask them to start sticking the tissue paper over the shapes in the sugar paper. Make sure they only glue the tissue paper to one side of the decoration.

Step 4

Once they’re done, you’ll be left with a class full of happy students and an array of beautiful festive windows. Simply add a piece of ribbon and hang them up around the classroom for a colourful, stunning winter display.

Inspire Your Students This Christmas

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