how to make a gingerbread house

These lovely gingerbread houses are easy to make and fun for children to decorate and take home at Christmas. They are also great for creating a snowy festive table top scene for a classroom or corridor in your school.

You will need:

felt gingerbread house

Download and print off our ginger bread house template onto card. Carefully cut around the template and glue onto brown felt ensuring the lines are facing up.

gingerbread house 3

Score along the vertical lines using a ruler and scissors. Cut around the template and fold into shape. Use the tabs on each end to glue together.

Christmas crafts

Let your imagination go wild! Decorate the outside of your gingerbread house with a variety of craft materials. We’ve used pom poms, pipe cleaners and coloured felt.

gingerbread house 4 gingerbread house 5

Use the roof template steps one and two to make a snow-topped roof for your house. Use the remaining tabs on your house to attach with glue.

Make a gingerbread house village by making lots of gingerbread houses and placing on a snow blanket. We added pine cone Christmas tree’s and pom pom snowmen to our festive scene.

Extension Idea: This gingerbread house craft project can be used to bring the story of Hansel and Gretel to life.

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