These hedgehogs are not only fun to make for all primary school children, but they’re perfect for working younger children’s fine motor skills too.

Meet Henry, our pine cone hedgehog.

You will need:

Step 1.  Pick a coloured felt of your choice (we used cream/light brown) and cut out a round circle about the same size as a base of a cup.

Step 2. When this is cut out, use your scissors to cut one line directly into the middle of the circle. Twist one side of the circle under the other one until this makes a cone shape. Secure this with Pritt stick – this will become the hedgehogs nose.

Step 3. Next, take your pen and draw a spikey circle shape onto your felt – also the size of the base of a cup. Cut this shape out.

Step 4. Stick the wider side of the cone nose to this shape with PVA, this will start to form the hedgehogs head.

Step 5. When this is dry, add two googly eyes half way up the cone shape to start making the hedgehogs face.

Step 6. Cut a very small circle out of black felt and stick to the end of the cone, this is the nose.

Step 7. Out of the same coloured felt you used to make the face, cut two semi circles, and stick these to the top of the face just above the eyes. You can stick these flat using PVA which will make the ears.

Step 8. Add PVA to the back of the head and stick this onto the top of the pine cone.

Step 9. Taking whatever coloured felt you would like (we used light and dark brown), cut out lots of different shaped triangles.

Step 10. You can then start sticking these onto the spines of the pine cone. Add as many of these as you would like.