Pom pom snowman
Making pom poms is an easy craft for children to master and they can be used to create lovely decorations for Christmas.

pom pom 1

1. Using your reusable pom pom cards, pick two which match in size and couple these together, tying your chosen wool through the middle. Carefully thread the wool through the pom pom, building up the layers as you go.

hoe to make a pom pom snowman

2. After tying off the wool to secure, separate a section of wool from the outer edge. Place the blade of  a pair of scissors between the two pieces of card and cut all of the way round until all the wool has been cut.

pom pom snowman decoration

3. Prise the two pieces of card apart until a section of wool is exposed in the middle. Tie a piece of wool around the middle section and secure tightly. Pull off the pieces of card and puff up your pom pom to complete.



4. Secure two pom poms of different sizes together using a threading needle and wool, leaving a extra piece of wool for hanging. Decorate as required, we’ve finished our Christmas snowman by gluing on buttons, a nose, a hat made of card and a bead and wiggly eyes to finish.

Extension Idea: Children can design and make their own Christmas decorations using pom poms. How about a robin, penguin, fairy, Christmas pudding or even a colourful wreath made from lots of pom poms?

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