In this blog, we’re showing you how to make fun autumn acorns out of handprints, suitable for all ages in primary.

What you’ll need:

Step 1. Draw an outline of your hand on a light brown or cream piece of paper, then cut it out.

Step 2. To make the top of the acorn, place dark brown paper across your hand and draw a semi circle and stalk the appropriate size for your hand. Cut this out.

Step 3. Glue the hand to the acorn top and flip over to the front.

Step 4. (OPTIONAL) Draw lines on the acorn for where the string will go.

Step 5. Poke holes into the acorn top, ready for weaving (roughly 12 holes, 3 on each side).

Step 6. Weave the string through the holes, fastening the start and end with a knot.

Step 7. Your acorn should now look like this:

Handprint acorn.