snowflake angels craft

Cutting out snowflakes is a traditional and fun Christmas activity for children. These pretty snow angels turn snowflakes into angels skirts for unique Christmas decorations that children can take home to hang from the ceiling or Christmas tree.

snowflake angel template

1. Download and print out our Snowflake angel template 1 and Snowflake Angel Template 2 onto white paper.

paper snowflakes

2. Fold the angel template in half and cut out around the lines. Cut out the circle and fold 3 times before cutting into folded edges to create a snowflake.

paper snowflake

3. Open paper snowflake out and cut a slit along the dotted line in the centre.

snowflake angel decoration

4. Fold the legs of the angel slightly to allow them to be threaded through the slit.

snowflake angel 4ca

5. Flatten the angels body out and ensure that the snowflake skirt is hanging over the wider part of the body.

angel decoration


6. Decorate the wings using glue and glitter.

Top tip: use a plastic tray for decorating with glitter so that any access glitter can easily be cleared up and recycled.

snowflake angels 5a


7. Snowflake angels can be hung from a Christmas tree using a loop of thread or from a longer piece of thread as part of a festive classroom display.

Extension Activities

  • Investigate why each snowflake is different and unique. There is more information here.
  • Have a go at making a snowflake with crystals, find out how here.

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