How to use Cotton Reels

Christmas Crafts

Here we have made a couple of recognisable Christmas characters using our plastic cotton reels and a few other materials. If you would like to make these, scroll down to find out what you need:

Cotton Reel Angel


– A cotton reel
– Polyspheres
– Tinsel Stems/pipe cleaners
– Doilies
– Stranded Cotton
– Glue


We are going to start with the head and face. Draw/paint the face on the polysphere and attach the cotton for long locks of hair.
We then have the cotton reels. Glue one of the doilies on top of the cotton reel and underneath the polysphere head, then cut a circle in the middle of two others, then glue them to the reel under the first one creating a frilled laced effect. Once this has all been stuck together, shape a gold or silver tinsel stem to make the wings and halo.


Cotton Reel Santa


– A Cotton Reel
– Polyspheres
– Felt
– Small Pom Pom’s
– Pipe Cleaner
– Googly Eyes
– Glue
– Stranded Cotton

Similar to the Angel, we’re going to start with Santa’s head and face first. First use some stranded cotton to make his hair and beard, then to make his hat, curve a piece of felt and glue together, attaching a white pom pom to the end of it, then wrap a white pipe cleaner around the base of it, then glue it to the top of his head.
For his body (the cotton reel) cut a thin strip of black felt to make his belt, then cut out a miniature square of gold paper to stick on the top to make the buckle. Once done, glue the head to the body.


Cotton Reel Rudolph


– Cotton Reel
– Hessian
– Pom poms
– Pipe Cleaners
– Googly Eyes
– Glue
Wrap around the cotton reel a small rectangle of hessian (felt would work just as well), then glue two pom pom’s either end of the cotton reel to make the front and back of his body, preferably a larger one at the front of his body, for the head, then glue a red pom pom to make his famous red nose! Lastly use pipe cleaners to make his antlers and legs.

We think that these are great and simple little crafts that are easy to make. Once you have finished making them, you can create your own Christmas stories using your new festive characters.

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