Magnetic mini beast maze

A magnetic mini beast maze is a fun classroom activity for children to learn about magnets, it is particularly useful as for learning about forces and magnets as part of the national curriculum for lower keystage 2. For younger children it can also be a fun game for learning about mini beasts and where they live.



Print the magnetic minibeast printable and stick to the outside of a cardboard box. Stick ferrite button magnets to the underside of mini beasts (checking which side sticks to the magnetic wand) either with a small piece of blue tack or using a glue gun. The magnetic mini beast maze is now ready to use.

Children can place their magnetic mini beasts at the start of the maze and then move to the correct habitat by moving the magnetic wands on the inside of the cardboard box underneath the maze.

Do the mini beasts sometimes wiggle and move in the wrong direction? Can the children explain why and how the two different poles of a magnetic react to each other?

Extra activities

  • Using stop clocks to time how long it takes to complete the magnetic mini beast maze.
  • Explore which objects around the classroom the magnetic mini beasts will stick to and discuss why.
  • Discuss the different uses of magnets.
  • Explore the effect of the thickness of the materials on the magnetic force e.g acetate, thicker cardboard, 2 pieces of cardboard.

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