clay hand gift

Mother’s Day is a special occasion for young children, and this clay hand craft offers them the chance to add a personal touch to the celebration. Using just a few basic materials, this activity will encourage your children’s creative side and make some very proud mums! Our short guide is simple to follow and will produce great results which can be treasured for years to come by the lucky recipients.

You will need



1. Draw around your hand with the pen on a piece of card, beginning at one side of the wrist, and finishing at the other. Then, carefully cut out the hand and put aside.

making a clay hand ornament

2. Using the rolling pin, roll out some clay to around one and a half centimetres thick. Place the paper hand on top, and using a clay cutter, carefully cut around it, leaving a hand shaped piece of clay. Shape the clay slightly, bending the fingers to make it a little more life-like.

clay hand barrel beads

3. If you are adding barrel beads to your clay hand, push them in firmly while the clay is still pliable. Make sure that these are secure, as once the clay has dried you will not be able to easily re-attach them.

painted clay hand

4. Allow the your clay hands to dry fully, then you can decorate with a whatever additions you like. We made a couple of different variations, using a few different coloured paints on one, and stuck on glitter stars for another. When adding glitter stars, carefully glue the back of each one and press down firmly on the hand, allowing a few of minutes to dry.


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