Mother's Day Garland

Making a Mother’s Day garland is a great way for children to show appreciation of their mums on this special day. This simple design produces an effective and colourful decorative craft, perfect for displaying at home. Great for hanging on a wall, and adaptable to the age and abilities of your children, our garland is a sure fire winner for children looking to produce something personal this Mother’s Day.

You will need



paper plate for garland

1. Cut the centre out from a paper plate, leaving the outer ring intact. You can make the initial cut while protecting the outside by folding the plate loosely in half.


2. Draw a flower on your paper or card with felt tip pen. Colour in the petals with a colour of your choice, and then fill in the middle with another. Then, carefully cut the flower out.

flower plate

3. Next, glue your flower onto the paper plate ring, on the outward pointing side.

garland taking shape

4. Begin to build up the garland, adding layered, scrunched up tissue paper to the plate. These provide a great addition to the drawn flowers, and can be finished with a combination of buttons and barrel beads.

Mother's Day Garland

5. Complete the garland alternating between different coloured tissue flowers, and the drawn ones around the plate. If you’re planning on hanging your garland on the wall, attach some string or punch a hole in the back of the plate.


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