Number bonds to 20 Ladybird printables

Learning number bonds to 20 is fun with our number bond to 20 Ladybird printables.

Number bonds are a foundation block for primary maths helping children to recognise and remember patterns. They are not only part of the maths curriculum but also a key tool for children to use for mental maths calculations. Number bonds are essentially a mental picture that can be recalled when needed. Using visual resources which allows children to repeatedly familiarise themselves with then whilst playing will help them to recognise and remember them.

A Reusable Classroom Resource

These Ladybird number bond printables feature a separate sheet for each of the number bonds to twenty. They can be printed and laminated to keep as a reusable classroom resource. Children can familiarise themselves with number bonds by adding the correct number of buttons or counters to the empty side of the ladybirds. Laminated number bonds printables can also be used as a modelling dough mat for children to mould spots for the ladybirds using modelling dough.

A Take Home Pack

Parents can also provide support for children in learning their number bonds. These printables can be made into a take home pack for children to practice at home. Depending on the age of the children different sheets can be used. For an introduction to number bonds for foundation stage, the first downloadable featuring 1-9 can be used. For key stage 1, both sets of printables can be used featuring number bonds to 20.

Download our number bonds to 20 ladybird printables below:

Download Ladybird Number Bond Printables 1-9 TCE_LADYBIRD_NUMBER_BONDS_01_09

Download Ladybird Number Bond Printables 10-19 TCE_LADYBIRD_NUMBER_BONDS_10_19

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Do you have any more fun ideas for helping children to learn their number bonds to 20?