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The phonics flower patch hop is a fun outdoor literacy activity for reception and early KS1/ primary 1-2 children to practice segmenting and blending of words. The movement aspect of this activity is great for kinaesthetic learners and a good way to make the most of the space available in an outdoor learning environment.


You will need

An outdoor space

Hula hoops

Pocket Daisy Chain Set 1 and/ or Set 2

A selection of small toys

outdoor literacy

This activity is really easy to set up. Just place the hula hoops in a line on the ground and use the pocket daisy chain set to spell out a simple word using letters or letters and diagraphs.

outdoor learning

Children can hop or jump from one flower patch (or hula hoop) to another, sounding out or blending the word as they move along the row. You can also make nonsense words to help to prepare children for their year one phonics screening tests.

Additional Activities

outdoor phonics

Round the Circle

Place hula hoops in a circle each with a pocket daisy chain flower. The children should move around the circle (hopping or jumping from hoop to hoop) making the sound of the phonics as they move. When the teacher says stop, the children stop in the hoop that they are in and pick up the daisy chain flower, reading the words on the petals of the flower or for less advanced readers, reading the words using pictures on the back of the daisy chain flowers.

phonics scavenger hunt

Phonics Scavenger Hunt

Organise a phonics scavenger by hiding a number of small toys around an outdoor area. Place a number of hula hoops on the ground with different letters or diagraphs from the pocket daisy chain set. The children need to find the toys and place them into the correct hoop depending on the sound at the beginning of their name.


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