Lesson Plan - Roman Writing

Roman armies were ruthless, disciplined and feared by all. They not only played an important role in the ancient world, but are also the basis for most modern armies today. The way that they were trained and organised made them a formidable force.

Writing a diary of a Roman soldier is a fun activity for children to learn about one  of the ways that the Romans have impacted the modern world whilst exploring words that can be used to convey the power of the Roman army in their writing.

Download our worksheet Powerful Words for Roman Soldiers to encourage children to think about powerful words (verbs, adjectives, adverbs and metaphors) to use when writing their Roman diary entry.

There are plenty of online videos for children to watch to learn about Roman Soldiers and listen for powerful words to use in their writing. Here are just a few:

Soldiers in Roman Britain by BBC Bitesize

Horrible Histories – Roman Conscriptions

Horrible Histories – Life as a Roman Soldier

YouTube Discover TV – A Roman Army Documentary

Did Your Know?

Papyrus paper

In Ancient Rome parchment made from animal skins or Papyrus, an early form of paper made form the Papyrus plant was often used for writing on. Children can write their Roman soldier diary entries on Papyrus paper for an authentic look and feel. Ball point pen works particularly well for writing on the uneven surface.

Additional Activity Ideas

  • Create a Roman timeline or map of the Roman Empire
  • Discuss the reliability of each of the videos as a historical source
  • Make your own Roman soldier armour
  • Investigate the weapons used by Roman soldiers and have a go at making a catapult

Do you have any more ideas for literacy activities for a Roman topic?

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