Superhero bookmarks complete

Using a superheroes theme can be a great way to engage children in a number of important topics, including literacy. Superheroes can inspire interest and imagination, helping to develop a whole range of skills in the classroom. In this activity, we are making superhero themed bookmarks.

This is a fun activity aimed at engaging imaginations and allowing children to take their designs in the direction of their choice as well as encouraging them to read and inspiring storytelling. As a result, its great for encouraging individuality, creativity, and confidence.

Superhero Bookmark Materials

You will need


  1. Children should give some thought to what their superhero will look like, and what they will be known for. Is it a boy or a girl? What powers do they have? What are their other key characteristics?
  2. Once they have their design in mind, children should take a craft stick and use the available materials to bring their design to life. With felt tips, they should draw on the key facial and bodily features.
  3. A cape should be cut out from a coloured foam sheet, and any design features added to it using the pens. The cape should then be glued on to the back of the bookmark and allowed to set.
  4. Any additional features can then be added using foam shapes, or any other craft materials you have handy.

Superhero bookmarks complete

Extension Ideas

As well as being used as bookmarks, these superheroes can initiate imaginative play in a variety of settings. Try using them as props for a superhero puppet show, or to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various superpowers as part of your wider topic.

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