superhero readers

These superhero pictures are a fun way to inspire children to develop and use their super powers for the new term ahead. They can be used for wall displays or to decorate exercise book covers with goals for the term ahead. They can also be used to inspire imaginative storytelling.

You will need


1. Lay your picture out in a floor space that is big enough for a child to lay down.

2. Begin by laying strips of fabric or paper horizontally to create the different colours of the sky and the horizon. Cut clouds from the snow blanket and add silhouettes along the horizon using black paper to look like sky scrapers or buildings. White squares of paper can be added to represent the windows and a crescent moon shape added to the sky.

3. Once children have dressed up in their super hero outfits, they can carefully lay down on the picture in a superhero pose.

4. A picture can be taken from above by a child or an adult. Children may need to carefully stand on a box or a bench to give them enough elevation to successfully capture the full superhero picture but the zoom function of a camera may also be used to zoom out and fit the whole picture into the frame.


Additional Activity Ideas

  • Learning goals or ‘super powers to achieve’ can be written underneath the pictures before attaching them to wall displays or the fronts of exercise books.
  • Superhero characteristics can be discussed as part of a PHSE lesson.
  • Pictures can be edited by children using software such as Paint or a website like PicMonkey.
  • Superhero pictures can be used as a basis for children to tell or write their own superhero stories.
  • Superhero pictures can be used to discuss and explore optical illusions by asking questions about why the children look like they are flying, how they can play with perspectives in photographs.

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