Children love superhero games and creating a superhero reading den is a fun way to inspire enthusiasm for reading in foundation stage and KS1. This activity can also be linked to PHSE with discussions about superheroes and their positive characteristics and behaviour. Even superheroes need to rest sometimes and this superhero cave is also a great place to relax and recharge to superhero powers. Children are likely to have their own ideas of what a super hero cave may look like and will love getting involved in making suggestions for their superhero cave or even designing it themselves.


To Make Your Superhero Reading Cave

The basics of a superhero reading den or cave is a small self contained area either indoor or outdoors. We created our superhero reading cave using a sensory den made from black and white role play screens but you could use any den making resources or make your own using sheets or fabrics draped over a frame or even a small tent.

The den will then need to be decorated so that it looks like a superhero cave. This is where the children can get involved. Signs and pictures for the den can be created. We used Picmonkey to create and print comic book sound effects which can also be coloured in by the children using crayons or colouring pens. There are all sorts of other possibilities for decoration depending on the children’s favourite superheroes with camouflage, spiders webs and bats all being fun possibilities.  Bright primary coloured fabrics or paper can be used to create a comic book style colour scheme for the den.


Super hero capes and masks can be added to allow children to get into character when reading in the superhero dens.

There are also lots of good early reader book which can be added to the den to encourage superhero readers. Some of our favourites are:


Superhero Extension Ideas

  • Print off superhero activities including anagrams, word searches and secret code sudoko from the Marvel Kids website .
  • This create your own superhero bookmarks is a fun art and craft activity. The finished product can also be used for story telling.
  • Get inspiration for more fun activities for younger children in this post on Rock My Classroom about superhero ideas for EYFS
  • A fun way to practice phonics in this Decoding for Superheroes activity.
  • Children can make their own super hero comic books. A great way to get children engaged in storytelling and writing.

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