Times tables gamesLearning times tables can be difficult task for some children and practising them can seem like a boring task, especially when there are so many other interesting distractions. Understanding the concept of multiplication and the repetition of learning times tables can be made easier with games and fun activities which can be used to fill those last few minutes before lunch time or break time.

Here are our favourite ideas for practising and learning times tables:

Times Table Fortune Teller

A maths fortune teller is fun to make and a great way for children to practise their times tables in pairs. Just in case you can’t recall how to make a fortune teller from your school days, you can find out in this video. We liked the idea of targeting the times tables that children are finding the hardest to recall with the fortune teller. They could write any that they get wrong in their test to practise for next time.

Times table number crunchers

Times Table Number Crunchers

Times table number crunchers are a fun way for children to learn about the concept of times tables by sliding the ‘?’ to cover one part of the times tables.

times table games


Most children love computer games and the chance to play on them can make learning times tables that little bit more exciting. Mad4maths.com has a range of fun computer games which children can easily play online to practice their different times tables.

Obstacle Course Maths Practice

Set up a simple obstacle course (indoors or outdoors) with bean bags to collect upon successful completion of each stage of the course which could include climbing over something (a bit like a computer game but much more active and fun). Our Sport in Small Spaces page has a variety of kits to help get children active whilst they learn. Bean bags can be assigned a points score depending on which times table you would like to practise. At the end of the course children have to calculate their score by multiplying the points score for each bean bag by the number of bean bags that they have and writing it on a whiteboard and holding it up. The first to finish wins.


multiplication bingo

Multiplication Bingo

Speed up times tables recall with a game of multiplication bingo. To begin with, children can play with boards for 2,5 and 10 times tables and. For a more advanced version, they can also use boards with 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables.

Fun mental maths

Maths Sticks

Maths sticks are a great idea for the ‘little and often’ approach to times tables practise. Each times table can be written onto a lollipop stick with the answer on the other side. Children can pick a lollipop stick when they have finished their work or whilst waiting to speak to their teacher. Giant lollipop sticks can also be used for more complex maths questions.

Times Table Hopscotch

Drawing a hopscotch onto the play ground with chalk and writing a times table sum into each square is a fun way or children to practise their times tables whilst they play.

Do you have any more fun ideas for learning and practising times tables?

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