Under the Sea Classroom Display

Under the Sea is a popular choice for primary topics, with plenty of great learning opportunities and the chance to creative a really vibrant Under the Sea classroom display.

Our classroom display was created using a variety of art and craft projects for a fun and eye catching result to inspire the children’s imagination. The Ocean fadeless® designs backing paper sets the scene of being under the sea with a feeling of both light and movement.

The bottom of the paper shows the seabed and for our display we folded the bottom of the paper round to cover the adjacent surface and continued the display with sand and shells to look like a beach and make our display 3D. This surface also makes a great base for displaying 3D Under the Sea crafts. We also extended the 3D effect of our display by hanging some of the crafts above the display.

For our Under the Sea classroom display we used:

There is lots of debate around classroom displays and whether they are beneficial and an opportunity for children to feel proud of the work that they have created or a distraction. Here are just a few ideas for ways to turn your Under the Sea classroom display into a valuable learning resource:

  • Let the children decide on how the display should look and ask them to explain why using what they have learnt about the sea.
  • Add phonics pebbles to the beach and pots labelled with pictures for children to practice sorting the sounds that match the pictures.
  • Help children to extend their vocabulary by adding a white board to the display for children to add words relating to the display. One week the focus could be adjectives, one week verbs, one week adverbs etc. You could also pose questions about the display to which the children could write their answers on the whiteboard.
  • Use the Under the Sea Display as a story starter. Ask the children to write their own stories about what is happening in the display.
  • Change the display a little each week by moving, adding and removing different parts and ask the children to explain or write about what has happened.
  • Add bubbles for the fish and use them to display helpful reminders for children to consider when completing their work or motivational quotes.

What are your ideas for an Under the Sea classroom display? how would you make it a valuable learning resource?

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