I like it when we have a lesson outside of the classroom. Maybe just in the hall or outside. Sometimes it’s fun when we involve science, that can make a great lesson.

My favourite lesson was when we used PE equipment to make a maths problem.

Using PE equipment to do maths.

If I had 25 hoola hoops and I shared them out with my five friends, how many hoops would they each get?

Boys running through hoola hoops in maths makes a great lesson.
Using PE equipment to do maths problems.

What made the lesson most exciting was when after we had written what we needed and what the problem was, we went outside and set out our problems and turned them into games. We got to play everyone’s games!

What would I do to make a great lesson?

If I could run an exciting class, I would put all the tables and chairs at the back of the classroom. Then I’d put Jump Start Jonny on the screen. This is a fitness video that we do at our school. It’s great fun and would be a brilliant PE lesson. But the PE lesson would be different because it would be in a normal classroom.

I think maybe that is what sometimes makes a great lesson, something different that we don’t expect to be doing.

This blog was written by Daisy, a Year 5 pupil at Stonelow Junior School.

Image of little girl who wrote the blog