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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our People

We make it our priority to treat our people well, encourage personal development and foster a working environment which is open, honest and inclusive. Our people have the opportunity to develop through our online portal making personal development accessible and relevant for everyone. Our company values ensure that all our employees are working to the same goal to make our business a fulfilling, rewarding and fun place to work. We openly encourage employee feedback and by taking part in our annual Engagement Survey we can continually improve as an employer and therefore as a business.

Charity and the Community

We care about the community we live in and we want to do as much as we can to help support those around us. We provide our staff with time off to volunteer for community-based initiatives and to help support the wider community our staff members raise money throughout the year for our nominated charities.

Environmental responsibility

We have a responsibility to ensure that both internally and externally we are environmentally aware, both as individuals and as a company. We are continually working to make our own business activities less damaging to the environment by regularly monitoring, assessing and improving our working practices. We ensure that we only use suppliers who conform and maintain environmental, quality and health and safety accreditations for their industry. And where possible, we provide our customers with a choice of recycled, fair trade and eco-friendly products.

How can I recycle my used batteries

Everything from AA and AAA batteries and button cells used in our products can be deposited for recycling using facilities at our office. You don't have to have purchased new batteries or battery-containing products to be able to recycle your old ones. We're only able to accept portable batteries that can be easily hand-carried for recycling. Other batteries, including automotive and industrial batteries or if you’re unable drop off your portable batteries at our office can be recycled at other sites across the UK. Visit Recycle More (recycle-more.co.uk) or contact your local authority for more information.