• Service Update

Welcome to life in the Easy lane

When it comes to admin, you’ll find that our suite of e-commerce tools, Easy Buying, makes it painless for you to whizz through paperwork and other humdrum chores. Free to use and effortless to set up, Easy Buying means that the hours you spend ordering, paying, invoicing, approving, tracking and controlling costs could easily be cut in half.

To help save you and your school time, trouble and money, Easy Buying’s toolbox includes:

Easy Website

Our super user-friendly new website is so all-singing, all-dancing, it could win both the X Factor and Strictly hands (and feet) down*. It’s designed to make it easy for you to do all sorts of things. Like what? Like:

Quick Order

No need to spend time keying in lengthy orders. Just a fast way to build your order by item code. Simple as that.

Shopping Lists

We’ve made it easier for you to keep track of the things you order most often. With Shopping Lists, you can quickly find regular orders for stationery or cleaning supplies, for example, saved under each different category.

Order History

What if you didn’t have to waste time keying in codes over and over again for the things you order most often? Now you don’t. Order History allows you to see every previous order you’ve placed in the past, whether by phone, fax, email, post or online. From there, you can reorder single items as you need them or the entire list of products with one simple click. It’s especially handy if you need to place a repeat order at particular points throughout the year.

Live Stock and Price information

Once you’re logged in, prices are always updated for you, along with our latest stock information.

Invoice History

Download copy invoices and pay them online making it quicker and (you guessed it) easier.



* If we were judging, of course.

Easy Catalogue

Our Easy Catalogue is designed to keep you up-to-date from the comfort of your own (or someone else’s) chair. As a downloadable version of our latest catalogue, it’s an accessible way to see all our newest products, prices and other goings on.

eProcurement Hub

Wish you had a quick, easy and compliant way to place your orders, saving you the time and the trouble of manual keying into your FMS?
Our eProcurement Hub works harmoniously with your school’s financial management system to make ordering and invoicing a much faster, happier and cost-effective experience all round.

Works with:

SIMS FMS; PS Financials; RM Accounts; RM Finance; SIMS Finance

Integrate with us through your local authority

We support PunchOut into a number of financial management systems for various local authorities. Please contact your local authority and ask them to talk to us.

Easy Approve

To make sure you exercise complete control over who can order what, our clever Digital team has built Easy Approve. Simple to set up, it means you can see for yourself what’s going out and what’s coming in across different departments and places. You can also choose those colleagues who can make orders and those who have the authority to approve purchases and costs.

You can even control your control. If every order needs to be authorised, it can be. Or if you want Easy Approve to be configured to give approval only over a certain spend, then consider it done.

Easy Basket

No account details to hand? No worries.
No idea what supplies are on your colleagues’ shopping list? No problem.

With Easy Basket, you can all build your own baskets of the things you want. Then just email your orders for authorisation and processing. So you get everything you need to succeed and your school gets to run more smoothly.

To use the Easy Basket, simply complete your shop as normal and you will see the Easy Basket button when you visit the checkout.