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Integrate your Financial Management Systems (FMS) and Marketplace Solutions with Consortium

At Consortium, we have a number of different e-procurement options to make your life easier. From full integration and PunchOut Integration, to our simple Order Approval process, there is a solution to suit the size of your school or setting, and your needs. We’ve been offering e-procurement solutions for years, and with 1000’s of customers across dozens of local education authorities in England, Scotland and Wales, we’re confident that we can save you time, help you control costs and deliver a seamless, stress-free buying experience.

Using one of our e-procurement options will


Save You Time

Reduce admin tasks and the time it takes to deal with paperwork, improving business efficiency.


Control Costs

Manage your budget more effectively and have full oversight of all purchase orders and requisitions.

Settings CogsSettings Cogs

Free Set Up & Integration

Get started today at no cost, with full support from our team if you need it.


If your school uses the SIMS Financial Management System, you can link directly to our website for free, allowing you to place orders directly from our site. 

PunchOut Integration 

PunchOut Integration links your school or setting's FMS directly to our website, enabling the required items to be transferred back into your system for approval and processing.

RM Finance

Our cloud-based Financial Management System is ideal for smaller settings, saving valuable time and giving you total control of your school’s spending.

RM Accounts

RM Accounts is an easy-to-use double-entry accounting system, that allows you to easily gather together key facts and figures, and distribute them in flexible, user-friendly formats.


Request our free e-catalogues for your school or setting's Financial Management System.

Order Approval

Our simple system allows you to manage order access and spend limits within your school or setting, and is ideal for any establishment that doesn’t have access to an E-Procurement solution.

Using a different FMS? Let us know

Need Support?

At Consortium, our customers are always our top priority. If you've got a query or if you’re unhappy with your order or service for any reason, our experienced customer advisors will be more than happy to help.