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Furniture for Schools

Teamed with Millhouse to offer a comprehensive range of quality furniture at the best value we can help create the perfect learning environment for your primary, secondary and nursery settings. From highly durable, perfectly sized, comfortable chairs and tables, to an assortment of storage and display units. Our range also includes teaching aids such as easels and beautifully crafted outdoor furniture. With years of experience and with children at the heart of our designs we have built products you can trust. Browse our furniture and find the perfect solutions for your school today.

The Modern Living Furniture Colletion

Perfect for role play and contextual learning, young children will feel comfortable accessing an environment that can identify with and reminds them of home.

£563.99 £469.99
£239.99 £199.99
£2,093.88 £1,744.90

Design Services

Delivery to suit you

We’re here to provide you with offers on quality products, at a price you can afford.

Tell us your term dates, and we'll deliver when is most convenient to you.

Quality furniture and storage solutions, all available with free express delivery.

How furniture is made at Consortium Education

We’ve teamed up with one of our amazing suppliers to give you a behind the scenes FIRST on how our furniture products are made.