Learning at home
Learning at
home learning
My Activity Book
At Consortium, we know that schools are beginning to plan and prepare
for potential Coronavirus school closures and we want to help!

We have teamed up with TTS and created curriculum-focused independent
learning resource with over 40 HOME LEARNING ACTIVITIES all planned and
all prepared!

Learning at home
  • Free download so print and share it with your pupils or send it electronically
  • Created for teachers by teachers
  • Includes activities for all curriculum areas
  • Easy to use with all tasks explained clearly
  • All activities help to revise and embed curriculum learning at home
  • It is also mobile friendly
With a combination of independent and collaborative learning activities, the home learning books
provide a great opportunity for parents to learn with their children.
Early Years Activity Book
Early Years Activity Book
KS1 Activity Book
KS1 Activity Book
KS2 Activity Book
KS2 Activity Book
Thank You
The team at TTS have also created a range of engaging and exciting resources
to aid learning at home, for both Early Years and Primary.
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Learning at home