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PunchOut Integration

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PunchOut can be connected to Local Authorities, Groups, Muti Academy Trusts, Federations and Early Years Groups.

PunchOut Integration will act as the ‘middle-man’ between your FMS software and our website. To place an order, you simply choose the Consortium website to connect (or ‘punch-out’) to from your FMS, shop as you would normally, and then the required items will be transferred back into your system. This makes the process quicker, easier and also has the added benefit of giving you access to the most up-to-date pricing and stock availability.

Available for PunchOut

If you do not see the Financial Management System your organisation uses, don't panic are always looking at new FMS's to link with. Alternatively, you can contact us below








RM Accounts

How can I shop using PunchOut?

Log in to your FMS and choose the Consortium website to ‘punchout to’.

Browse and shop the Consortium website, adding the items you want to purchase to your shopping basket.

With just one click, transfer the items back into your FMS where they can be approved and processed automatically, allowing the order to be placed.

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