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KITT: The Learning Companion

Supporting Development Daily

KITT Learning Companion Hero BannerKITT Learning Companion Hero Banner

Meet Kitt

The new and exclusive cross-curricular companion robot from TTS with a focus on speech and language development and student wellbeing.

From communication skills to wellbeing care, Kitt has been created to support pupil progression and independent development every day, both in the classroom and at home.

Features & Benefits

KITT Encourages Communication DevelopmentKITT Encourages Communication Development

Encourages Communication Development

First and foremost, Kitt is designed to encourage communication, language and literacy development.

With built-in speakers, microphones and recording memory for everything from audiobooks to poems and words sets, Kitt can increase children’s daily exposure to speech and language by offering more opportunities to speak, listen and practise.

KITT A Wellbeing BuddyKITT A Wellbeing Buddy

A Wellbeing Buddy

In addition to supporting academic areas of learning, Kitt can also be used as a wellbeing buddy to complement classroom strategies. If school is proving stressful, pupils are able to record their feelings, access emotional resources or even dress Kitt up and take him on adventures – all aiding development of confidence and self-regulation.

Increases Organisational Skills

At the same time, Kitt can support your pupils’ organisation skills with checklists and timers, and encourage their independent learning with teacher-programmed audio, video and photo resources, ready to be reviewed or repeated at any time using simple push-button controls.

What’s more, captured learning throughout the day can be easily uploaded to assist with formative assessment too.

KITT Increases Organisational SkillsKITT Increases Organisational Skills

Time Saving

From language development to organisation and wellbeing support, by adding all of these elements together, Kitt becomes more than just an essential classroom resource.

Children can access all these resources remotely, developing independent learning skills as they go, and ultimately – helping to save teachers time throughout the day too.

KITT Time SavingKITT Time Saving

The Big KITT Breakdown

Combining a unique set of communication, wellbeing and independent learning features, Kitt is an all-in-one resource for teachers. By supporting children to develop their confidence around learning independently, it’s ideal for saving you time, all while encouraging 21st Century learning skills and self-confidence for later life too, supporting development daily.

What Kitt can do What Kitt can do

Learn more about KITT

Developing a new learning companion

Bringing Kitt to life

Making KITT intuitive

Learning and Assessment with KITT

Learning and Assessment with KITTLearning and Assessment with KITT

Don't just take our word for it!

"Confidence can be a concern. We need EdTech that teachers can just pick up and use."

Chris - Early Years Teacher

Kitt has been designed with simplicity in mind. By plugging kitt into the computer, teachers can easily upload resources by dragging and dropping just like when using a USB stick. A versatile PowerPoint presentation is available which goes through each of Kitt's features one by one.

"Planning for individual learning is a huge priority."

Sally - Teacher

Kitt offers teachers the opportunity to differentiate and scaffold learning by uploading audio, video or images that children can access independently to support them on their own learning journey.

"Parents need tech or access to resources to support their children at home."

Julie - Chair of governors and teacher

Kitt can safely travel home with your learners to support learning both inside and outside of school. Instructions, demonstrations, resources and activities for home learning can be recorded and stored on Kitt to help adults at home understand the best way to support their child.

KITT's Different OutfitsKITT's Different Outfits

Ready to Begin?

Kitt comes with an enormous range of educational features and functions. Find out how you can use them to support you and your students with our Whole School solutions pack.

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