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Manage Your Account

You are able to change your name, email address and password, in your My Account Dashboard under Edit Information.

To help make buying easy you can register multiple users as part of your account. To add a new user either the Account Administrator can create a new user as part of their My Account Dashboard under Organisation Users or a new user can ask to join an existing account during registration, by registering their details at the same address.

Yes, if you want to add, edit or delete an address on your account please fill out our request to change account address form, and a member of our team who will be happy to add a new delivery point to your account. Please note - new delivery points will need to be added to your account before an order can be placed against the new address.

Yes. Our Order Approval Workflow tool allows you to control which users can spend what and who should approve any orders over that limit. To have access to Order Approval Workflow you will need to have a credit agreement with us which you can apply for here. To find out more about Order Approval Workflow please see our Order Approval Workflow page.