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Order Approval

As a School or setting Business Manager, it can be time-consuming and difficult to keep costs under control when you’re working across different departments and locations.

Which is why we’ve developed our easy Order Approval system which allows you to monitor what’s been ordered and spent in your school or setting. It will help you to effectively manage your budget, which is particularly important at a time when every penny counts.

If you require further information, you can view our set-up guide here.

Benefits of Order Approval

Free of Charge

Easy Setup

Control over all Orders


Ensure you have a business account set up with payment on account agreed. Navigate to our Order Approval page within your account area.


Select which approval structure suits you, if you require a bespoke Order Approval structure, select the option at the bottom of the page.


Enjoy our free and easy-to-use Order Approval system. You will receive notifications when your colleagues place orders and you will have the final on their orders.

Standard Approval

Our standard option which means that all orders will require approval by a user’s manager (or the Account Administrator).

Manager Approval ProcessManager Approval Process

After set-up this can be customised to include spending limits e.g. all orders over £10 require a manager's approval.

Advanced Approval

This will allow you to assign spend limits to certain users, based on their role, to help manage your budget.

User Approval ProcessUser Approval Process

If the user places an order that is over their spend limit, a notification will be sent to their manager (or other designated approver) for approval. e.g. TA's can have a spend limit of £0 and all orders need to be sent for approval. Head of Years can have a spend limit of £100 and any orders over will need approval.

Standard School or Setting Order Approval

Standard School Order ApprovalStandard School Order Approval

Our Order Approval is free and easy to use. Whether you're a school / setting or a large organisation, we can help make your shopping experience as easy as possible.

Multi Academy Trust or Early Years Head Office Order Approval

Our Order Approval is also compatiable with organisations who are a part of Multi Academy Trusts (MAT's), Early Years group or other. No matter the size of your organisation our Order Approval can help.

Multi Academy Trust Order ApprovalMulti Academy Trust Order Approval

Ready to set up Order Approval?

If you're an existing Consortium customer, simply select the link below to be redirected to the Order Approval area in the account dashboard. If you have not yet signed up, please create an account, upgrade to a business account then go to Order Approval.

Please note
You will need to have a credit limit agreed on your account to be able to activate and utilise workflow, if you don't already have a credit agreement you can apply for one here.