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Stain Removal Information
Stain Removal Information
We recommend that you always use surface coverings and wear protective clothing when using any paints
Ready mixed paint is highly pigmented and will stain clothes and furnishings. Suitable protective clothing and covers should be used in all circumstances where there is danger of staining.
The following information may be helpful, but there is the likelihood thats stains can never be completely eliminated. The pigment particles used in the manufacture of ready mixed paint are extremely fine and if caught in the weave of fabrics will be difficult to remove.
Paint manufacturers recommended that paint should be removed from clothing whilst still wet
1. Wipe off excess with a dry cloth
2. Soak in cold water overnight
3. Place an absorbent pad under the stain and work colour through with a dry or slightly moistened cloth, working towards the centre of the stain to prevent the colour spreading further
4. At this point it can be put into the washing machine, perhaps with a stain remover sprayed on
Where paint has dried on clothing, it may be possible to remove water based products by hand washing with ordinary bar soap in warm, not hot water. Synthetic detergents, and particularly biological detergents SHOULD NOT BE USED. If this treatment fails to remove the stain, try scrubbing with a nail brush. Providing the material will take high temperature boiling in soapy water, scrubbing may be tried. Bleach is ineffective and should not be used.
Dry cleaning fluids may be effective with oil based colours, but they give only limited results with water based colours.
Acrylic, Fabric, Glass and Other Paints
Wet Stains:
Very difficult to remove. Place a pad on the back of the fabric and rub with a cloth dampened with water. Wash with soap and cold water. Repeat wash with soap and warm water. Avoid using strong detergent, bleach and organic solvents. Hand washing can be more effective than machine washing. Do not iron.
Dry Stains:
Extremely difficult/cannot be removed. Pick off as much as possible. Soak in warm water and detergent and follow wet stain recommendations. Pad back of stain to help avoid spreading of stain. Dry cleaning may help.
Aprons & Table Cloths